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Feel your Best at Rolling MEadows

Feeling your best at Rolling Meadows retirement community is the result of a special combination of comfort, security, happiness and good health. The Fitness Center can help you realize this in ways you may have never before thought possible. More than just a place to exercise, The Fitness Center is a community hub for overall well-being, connection and a positive outlook on life.

Here, residents can stay fit and energized through a myriad of amenities, equipment and specialized programs. But even more, they stay engaged and inspired because “exercise” at The Fitness Center is about fun, learning, and trying new things, whether going at your own pace or joining a group.

And the best news is it’s never too late to get involved. Rolling Meadows believes in a comprehensive wellness- focused approach that promotes not only exercise, but also critical components of daily health that help you achieve a real, tangible quality of life .... one that has you feeling your best every day.

Fitness Center Features

  • Full-time fitness instructor
  • Enclosed heated swimming pool
  • Kaiser senior-friendly exercise equipment
  • Treadmill and bike for cardiovascular conditioning
  • Whirlpool
  • Water aerobics
  • Water volleyball
  • Chair aerobics
  • Chair Volleyball
  • Circuit training
  • Weights and exercise bands
  • Educational sessions about preventative health and wellness, and "brainpower" games
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